Associate Professor Daniel Worthley

Managing Director, Colonoscopy Clinic


Andrew is an experienced healthcare leader with a passion for improving patient access to high-quality health services, for developing high-performing and supportive teams, and building great organisations through people and culture. He joined Colonoscopy Clinic as a Co-Owner and Managing Director in January 2023.

Andrew brings over 20 years of experience in strategic development and operations in the healthcare, telecoms and industrial sectors. He has a proven track record of progressively more senior executive management roles and has led diverse teams to launch new business lines and deliver operational change projects under challenging circumstances in Australia, Northern Europe, Japan, India and the Middle East. After 17 years abroad, Andrew returned with his family to Australia in 2012. He is a Graduate of Tokyo’s Hitotsubashi University (BCOM, 2001), Harvard Business School (MBA, 2008) and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD, 2022).

Andrew is excited to have joined the Colonoscopy Clinic team and is determined to help tackle bowel cancer – the second most common cause of cancer death in Australia – in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

Said Andrew, “Almost all bowel cancer is curable with early detection. In Australia, we are fortunate to have Federal Government support for the at-home bowel cancer tests, support for advocacy groups and awareness campaigns, and access to high quality colonoscopy and other important procedures. For me, there’s a deep personal connection to why we do what we do at Colonoscopy Clinic and how we do it. Professionally, I’m excited to join David, Dan, and the team to help lead and support the next multi-year phase of our journey together.”

Prior to joining Colonoscopy Clinic, Andrew served as the General Manager of GenesisCare Oncology in QLD for six years during which time the practice expanded access to care for patients and communities across QLD through organic growth, new service builds, and engaged clinical leaders, while improving patient satisfaction and team engagement to ‘best in sector’ outcomes.

Andrew commented “at GenesisCare I learned the importance of developing robust partnerships with Clinical leaders to develop inclusive work place culture, and a true sense of team, to expand access to high-quality services for patients. At Colonoscopy Clinic we have an amazing team, established foundations, and a reputation for excellence and quality. It’s a critical healthcare service that we are providing, and we have not only an opportunity but also a mandate to continue to improve the standard of care for patients and expand access to affordable colonoscopies and comprehensive services. What we do every day is important and could be the difference in preventing bowel cancer for patients. Early detection saves lives!”

Outside of work, Andrew’s family and friends keep him grounded, humbled and inspired. He quite enjoys easy hiking, cooking and watching Japanese comedy videos.

“I’m genuinely excited to partner with a passionate group of Clinicians and an excellent team who know that care can be delivered in a better coordinated, patient focused, high quality and efficient way. We have a great team and good foundations, and an opportunity to go from ‘good’ to ‘truly great’ together.”

Quality Assurance

High quality colonoscopy is essential for the effective prevention of colorectal cancer. Quality assurance in colonoscopy uses evidence-based quality assurance measures, like adenoma detection rate. These measures are calculated and compared with recommended standards to facilitate feedback with the goal of quality improvement.

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