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Bulk billing – what will it cost?

For colonoscopy and endoscopy, there are four specific costs: gastroenterologist/surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital and pathologist.

Colonoscopy Clinic is a bulk billing practice, that means for our patients with a Medicare number, even those without private health insurance, our gastroenterologists do not charge an out-of-pocket fee for any standard colonoscopy, endoscopy or consultation.

For privately insured patients, the only out-of-pocket expense is your health insurance excess (if applicable, paid to your insurer) and the cost of the bowel preparation. For privately insured patients there will be no separate out-of-pocket fees for the hospital, anaesthetist or pathologist either.

For patients with a Medicare number but without private health insurance, we are still a bulk billing practice. There will be no out-of-pocket expense for our doctors. However, there will be an unavoidable out-of-pocket expense for the hospital and the anaesthetist. The pathologists that we use will still bulk bill. Please ask our team for advice on the most convenient and affordable options.

For patients self-funding without overseas insurance and without a Medicare number, we can help you too. Please call our team to discuss our competitive rates.

Occasionally, for prearranged, advanced colonoscopic resection or ongoing chronic and complicated medical management, there may be an out-of-pocket fee depending on which of our gastroenterologists you choose to see. But we still provide bulk-billed options.

Consultations with our dieticians will incur a small out-of-pocket expense, and this will vary depending on your level of health insurance. Please call us to discuss.

Our Fees

Community colonoscopy is the most cost-effective way to perform colonoscopy in Australia and that is one reason why 75-80% of colonoscopies in Australia are performed privately. However, hospital fees and anaesthetist fees, that Colonoscopy Clinic does NOT control, are important considerations.

Regardless of private health insurance if you have a Medicare card our doctors bulk-bill.



$0 what Colonoscopy Clinic doctors charge for colonoscopy. Depending on medicare and private health insurance, there may be other expenses, please see details below.

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$0 what Colonoscopy Clinic doctors charge for endoscopy. Depending on medicare and private health insurance, there may be other expenses, please see details below.

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$0 what Colonoscopy Clinic charge you for consultations.

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Bowel Prep Kit

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Hospital, anaesthetist and pathology out of pocket fees

If you have private insurance the only out of pocket expense is your excess that you pay to your insurer and the bowel preparation. Nothing else.

If no private insurance, but you have a medicare card, then we can coordinate a colonoscopy for a total out of pocket expense of about $900. This is a total out of pocket expense that includes all anaesthetist, preparation, hospital and pathology costs. But, this amount depends on the hospital, because hospital fees for colonoscopy vary significantly across Brisbane.

Please call us and we can coordinate the most convenient and cost-effective solution for you. It’s all about you.


$0 out-of-pocket

$0out-of-pocket. It’s better than mates’ rates!

Our doctors charge $0 for colonoscopy, endoscopy and consultation for Medicare card holders*. Let’s get it done.

*Bowel preparation, hospital and anaesthetist fees may apply.

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Did you know?

At Colonoscopy Clinic we have a new system to completely personalise your bowel cancer prevention program, it’s called Connect. If you’re worried about your risk of bowel cancer, have a personal or family history of bowel cancer or polyps, or just want to stay healthy, we coordinate a program personalised just for you. We take into account your age, symptoms, family history and any comorbidities. To find the perfect solution, your personalised “bowelgorithm”.

After colonoscopy, through Connect, we’ll keep in touch to provide important information and tips to stay healthy and prevent bowel cancer in you and your family. Connect is not all one way, however, we have a 24/7 hotline and email if you ever need to speak with one of our team of clerks or clinicians. Enrolment in Connect is free, effective and all about you. Please ask our team for more information. Get in Contact.