Our Approach

C.A.R.E. Approach

Our practice is built on a foundation of C.A.R.E. – convenience, affordability, reliability and excellence.


C - Convenience


We offer wait times of less than one week, with procedures available every weekday and regular Saturdays at many convenient locations, with preparation coordinated remotely. You simply choose a convenient date and time. You may also choose a specific proceduralist, although with specific choice, waiting times and schedules may vary. Our approach also minimises disruption to usual medication.


We are a no-GAP fee practice for standard colonoscopy and endoscopy care. In addition, you have the option of bulked-bill consultation if required to guide initial management.

R - Reliability


Our preparation process has been perfected over decades. Regardless of the proceduralist performing the test, you will receive the same excellent preparation, procedure, report and evidenced-based surveillance recommendations. It is the Colonoscopy Clinic way.

E - Excellence


Our gastroenterologists are held to the very highest clinical standards. Please ask about our colonoscopy polyp detection rates, which were published in the Medical Journal of Australia. A referral to us ensures that you or your patient will be cared for by a superb gastroenterologist that is well-trained, continuously audited, and committed to providing the highest level of patient care and satisfaction.


More than 1,500 young onset cancer cases are detected each year.

Book a test. It could be the most important call you make. Bowel cancer screening. Let’s get it done.

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Early detection saves lives

Colonoscopy and endoscopy – it could be the most important thing you do this year. Let’s get it done.

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