Our Values

Colonoscopy Clinic values guide how we serve our patients, our people, our practice and our partners

Colonoscopy Clinic – Values

At Colonoscopy Clinic, our values serve as our guide on how we are committed to showing up every day – for our patients, for our people, our practice and our partners. By role modelling our values, we maintain our high-performing culture and team, and everyone knows what is expected and what great looks like. Our values act as our North Star, enabling us to stay on track towards our vision, mission and strategic goals.

Ownership and Care

  • Take responsibility for actions and outcomes
  • Care for patients like they are family
  • Respect each other and the important role we all play
  • Be open to feedback, act on it, provide respectful feedback to improve
  • Care for patients requires caring to get the details right

Team and Togetherness

  • Act with the belief that success is the result of all partners working effectively together
  • Chip in and help each other
  • Communicate proactively, clearly, and regularly
  • Share what works, and learn from mistakes together
  • Celebrate success together and have fun at work

Excellence and Improvement

  • Take personal responsibility for continual improvement
  • Use data and metrics to improve outcomes
  • Be proactive; try new approaches; challenge the status quo
  • See mistakes as shared learning opportunities
  • See challenges as opportunities to work through and improve
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