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Upper Endoscopy

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Nov 6, 2017


Upper Endoscopy

Upper Endoscopy (at times refered to as Gastroscopy)

Once your GP or referring doctor has requested that you have an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and provided you with a letter of referral, you firstly must phone our GastroIntestinal Endoscopy booking staff at one of our four locations. Please have ready with you:

  • Health fund details (if applicable)
  • Medicare card number
  • DVA/Pensioner health care card details (if applicable)
  • Your referral letter to confirm procedure information

The GIE booking staff will indicate to you if there will be any cost involved in this procedure and provide you with an estimate of expenses. You will be asked about your diabetic status and whether you are taking blood thinning medications. Some paperwork may be sent to you for you to complete outlining your medical history and personal details. An appointment date for your endoscopy will be made for you at this time.


Day of Upper Endoscopy procedure

Fasting Instructions:
  • No food for 8 hours prior to the procedure
  • No fluids for 2 hours prior to the procedure

Take your essential medications with minimal water unless otherwise instructed.

When you attend for your procedure please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring with you:

  • Your referral letter from your GP
  • Health fund details, Medicare card, DVA, Pension/Health card details (if applicable)
  • The contact details of the person taking you home
  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • Any relevant Xrays/reports
  • Something to read
  • Method for settling your account
  • Your paperwork detailing your personal and health details (if this was sent to you )

You will be at the facility for approximately 3–4 hours.

About the procedure

Please download and read the following information which would be provided to you if you were to undergo an upper endoscopy with one of our Gastroenterologists.

After the procedure

The Gastroenterologist will not routinely discuss normal or trivial findings with you. If there are any serious findings e.g. cancer, the Gastroenterologist will discuss this with you and also call the referring GP.

You will be given a report in hand to take with you to give to the GP. The GP will then discuss the findings with the patient.

Going Home after an Upper Endoscopy procedure

You have had an intravenous sedation.

  • For legal reasons, you must not drive a vehicle or operate machinery for at least 12 hours following intravenous sedation. This carries the same implications as ‘drink driving’.
  • You must have a responsible adult escort you home and stay with you for 12 hours after the procedure and/or overnight depending upon your procedure time.
  • You must not care for dependent children or adults without responsible help for at least 12 hours after your procedure.
  • You will be unable to work on the day of your procedure but may return the following day.
  • You are advised to be very careful in simple household tasks in the 12 hours after receiving sedation. Your co-ordination may be impaired for some time and therefore it is important not to use sharp knives, risk kitchen burns, etc.
  • If you develop any pain, fever, vomiting or blood loss after the procedure, you should contact your Gastroenterologist; the facility where your procedure was performed; or attend a Hospital Emergency Centre with your procedure report and discharge advice instructions.