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How do I prepare?

An endoscopy simply requires a period of fasting prior to the procedure.

With a colonoscopy, in the days prior you will be asked to avoid a couple of foods. Then, closer to the procedure you will be asked to drink a liquid to cleanse the faeces from your large bowel.

A colonoscopy provides our specialist doctors with the opportunity to diagnose and treat what we see. Your bowel preparation is important. Poor preparation increases the risks of us missing important bowel disease like cancer and increases the need for the procedure to be repeated.

Both procedures are performed in a day hospital, usually with anaesthetic support. Each procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete, however your stay at the hospital usually extends for 3-4 hours.

How do I prepare?

50/50… the bowel cancer risk to men and women is almost equal.

So it’s equally as important that you both get tested. Bowel cancer screening. Let’s get it done.

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Early detection saves lives

Colonoscopy and endoscopy – it could be the most important thing you do this year. Let’s get it done.

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