Eat well, live well

Eat well live well

Quote: Food is the language that speaks to our genes.

Food has united families, communities, and cultures since the beginning of time. Healthy eating, for much of this period, has been self-evident. A healthy diet was, by very necessity, seasonal and varied, traditional and proven, inventive, and delicious, based on moderation and sharing.


Healthy food preparation and eating was taught and learned, conveyed parent to child, observed through ceremony, shown by story, song, and example. Although many religious or cultural food customs and food taboos are varied in their origin, many stem not from superstition, but from rational concerns, such as community health, infection, sustainability of natural resources, animal ethics, and to support group cohesion.

Furthermore, most of us know from our own lives the value that food has on memory. Many great memories we have enjoy a connection with friends, families, places, and experiences with food are always a principal or at least a cameo player.

We are wired to have food central to our life experience.

But, in this modern time of obesity, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), allergies, coeliac disease, and dietary intolerances, healthy eating seems to have become overly complicated. The ways of past generations have evaporated rapidly.

Our community’s knowledge and fluency in food preparation seems impoverished, and convenience over cultivation has become the norm. So, let us use this blog, to give you back some of the basics in three easy points…

  1. Healthy eating is easier than it seems
  2. It’s better at building shared experiences, and
  3. It’s more rewarding than you might think.

In this blog, over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing insights into what is food, the clinical and scientific value of healthy food choice and preparation, and strategies and recipes to help you and your family get on track, the easy way.


Check back to see our posts.

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